TELOS ART offers a variety of specialized art programs in San Francisco Bay Area to empower individual minds and enrich our community through art. Our programs for Older Adults and Private Lesson are specifically designed to accommodate the particular needs of the facility and its participating students. Our professional artist-instructor will come to conduct classes at your facility or residence, allowing the students to participate in a convenient location and familiar environment. We offer beginning and advanced art classes and workshops, with media including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, and mixed-media art.

Studies have shown that engagement in art stimulates imagination and creativity, fosters motivation and concentration, strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, and revitalizes mental capacity and cognitive abilities. For seniors and adults with health-related concerns, art can provide powerful and positive impact on their lives, instill a sense of accomplishment, self-worth and well-being. Leading scientists, educators and health professionals are discovering the significant influence of artistic activities on our brains, and the vital role it plays in human development of all ages.

TELOS ART Exhibition program provides the opportunity for our affiliated facility to showcase selected artwork by student artists, and host reception event to promote their business and service. We also organize art exhibition of work by professional and student artists at various local venues that support art in our community.

For more information about TELOS ART programs, please e-mail us at, or call 510-545-6569..

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