TELOS ART is committed to cultivate imagination, inspire creativity, and enrich our community through art. As part of our mission to promote the value of art education and artistic endeavors, we are dedicated to organize and curate exhibitions of artwork by local professional and student artists at a variety of venues throughout San Francisco Bay Area. TELOS ART seeks exhibition opportunities to spread our vision, and share the diverse artistic talents of our community. Corporate offices, non-profit organizations, community art centers, public institutions, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and business establishments desire to support our effort are encouraged to inquire about our Exhibition program.

For more information about our Exhibition program, please e-mail us at  info@telosart.com, or call 510-545-6569.


As a part of our Adults & Seniors program, our affiliated facilities host art exhibition of selected artwork by student-artists to showcase their masterpiece at the conclusion of the year-long program. The exhibition celebrates the valuable contribution they have to offer to the community, and share their amazing gift with their friends and family. The reception event also offers a superb occasion for the facility to demonstrate the unique holistic health care approach they offer, and convey their commitment to exceptional services to their clients.

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