TELOS ART is a multi-disciplinary art program committed to cultivate imagination, inspire creativity, and enrich our community through art. We offer programs aim to develop critical thinking skills, build self-confidence, promote individual expression, and empower minds. Our philosophy is to nurture the artist within us all, and encourage everyone to create unique and original works of art that evoke visions and elevate quality of life.

TELOS ART is in partnership with New Art Horizons, with its mission to provide innovative solutions to assist institutions in incorporating creative processes and programming into their service structure. NAH offers strategic consultation services to help facilitate the integration and application of creative programming in the healthcare industry, community services, and education.


Our Artist Instructors are professional artists with extensive background in art practice and education. Our instructors have wide-ranging experience and training in working with individuals of all ages and abilities, and passionate about working with creative minds. We believe teaching art provides valuable inspiration to our own artistic process, and crucial to the successful continuance of artistic tradition and cultural heritage.

Kelvin Ming Young
Program Director/Artist Instructor

Kelvin Ming Young is a devoted artist instructor with over 10 years of experience in art education for adults and seniors. Kelvin specializes in special needs education in art, and has extensive experience working with individuals of various physical and cognitive abilities associated with age and health conditions. Kelvin’s expertise also includes creative curriculum design, curatorial practice, intergenerational programming, project management, event planning, nonprofit administration and community activism. As a first generation immigrant, Kelvin is keen to the cultural diversity of the Bay Area residents, and often incorporates art projects that reflects the community we live in. He is also fluent in both English and Mandarin, with proficiency in teaching bilingual art class. Kelvin’s work is primarily abstract, with media ranging from painting, drawing, printmaking to mixed media art. He received his BA from UC Berkeley, Post-Baccalaureate from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Kelvin is currently a faculty member of the City College of San Francisco.

Yvette Deas
Artist Instructor

Raised mostly in NYC, Yvette was born to actor parents, and acted from age 2 to 13. At 17, she moved to Kyoto for a year and a half, then to North Carolina, to fly airplanes. As a flight instructor, she flew out of Newport News, VA, and Santa Monica, CA. Yvette received her BA from UC Berkeley with Highest Honors and Phi Beta Kappa, and MFA from Stanford University. Yvette has held a variety of jobs: working with Alzheimer’s patients, developmentally-challenged adults and children, gallery coordinator, and art instructor teaching college as well as children and adults. Yvette’s foundational practice as an artist is as figurative painter that centralizes the subject through collaborative process. Yvette is currently a faculty member of Stanford University.

Jeffrey Chapline
Consultant/New Art Horizon

Jeffrey Chapline is a dedicated professional with over 28 years of experience in complex project management involving intersecting disciplines including healthcare, education, design and art. Mr. Chapline has received multiple awards for innovation and best practices for his program development and execution. His recent projects have focused on enhancing geriatric services and institutional environments and providing creative learning opportunities for schools and youth programs. Chapline is the founder and former director of Center of Elders and Youth in the Arts (San Francisco, CA), and current president of New Art Horizons (Pacifica, CA).

Mary Lovelace O’Neal
Senior Advisor

Mary Lovelace O’Neal is a world-renowned painter and printmaker, Professor Emerita from the University of California at Berkeley and former Chair of the Department of Art Practice. With over 40 years of experience in art education, Ms. O’Neal has taught at the University of Texas at Austin, San Francisco Art Institute, California College of Arts and Crafts (Oakland, CA), Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA), and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogota, Colombia). She exhibits and lectures widely – both nationally and internationally.

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